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Our products are guaranteed to be free of defects in workmanship and materials for one year. Our warranty is unconditional under normal recreational use. It does not cover misuse or abuse. If a failure should occur, notify us immediately. We will ensure that the product is repaired, replaced or, refunded at the manufacturer’s discretion.


The only attention the polyethylene kayak requires is during storage. For maximum life span, avoid years of storage in direct sunlight. All our products have ultra violet inhibitors blended into the material to protect them from sunlight. Storage out of the direct sun will add to the life of the product.

Your new kayak should be stored on edge, upside down or hung on edge. This will ensure that the flexible polyethylene will not distort or deform in areas where curves do not provide rigidity and strength.


The best way to carry the kayak on your car is upside down on a roof rack or foam pad. On edge is fine if your have upright bars on your rack to hold the kayak securely. Foam or pipe insulation on the rack will further protect the kayak and stop it sliding on the rack. On a short vehicle or car with narrow racks a line tied fore and aft to the car bumper or tow bar will stop movement fore and aft. Do not over tighten straps or ropes. This may distort the kayak.


Unlike a fibreglass boat, a polyethylene kayak can still be paddled with a dent in it. Should a dent occur it can often be repaired by leaving in the sun to warm. If it does not pop out by itself heat can be applied to the area with a hair dryer or heat gun. NOT TOO HOT! Pressure applied from the other side can be used to push out dent. If you cannot reach from the inside a suction cup will often do the job. Apply heat slowly as it takes time to aisapate in. If in doubt call us and we will advise you of the best way to repair your boat.


Your new kayak is made from linear low density polyethylene, and continues our tradition of offering the latest in technology at affordable prices. A PE kayak can be dragged freely across a sandy beach, whereas the same treatment would soon wear through a fibreglass kayak. PE offers a major advance for kayakers because it is virtually indestructible when in use. While fibreglass is stiffer it is also more brittle and may crack and haze through use. Polyethylene is flexible and gives under impact. The compound curves on our boats give the kayak the rigidity it needs. In the case of the boat being holed or torn it can be welded up using standard plastic welding equipment.

When you, or the next person has finished with the boat and it is totally worn out ( many years from now ) it can be cut up and recycled for use

Enjoy your new kayak and congratulations for choosing a kayak manufactured by a company that is proud to stand behind its product and continues to look towards improvements in our existing products and producing new products.

Paddle safely, be aware of your environment and have fun.

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